If walls could talk, what would yours say?

Ever look around your house and feel the sudden urge to change up the scenery? Sounds like you may need to spruce things up a bit!
Here are a few ways to feel inspired about your home. ( And without breaking the bank!) One word. Paint! If walls could talk, surely they would ask for a fresh coat of color!

Coastal colors are on the rise of popularity this year and we’re here for it! Who doesn’t like the feel of a calm beach color palette on their walls?!

Another way to introduce life to the aesthetics of your home is by adding or replacing hardware. With an endless variety to choose from, it's really astounding what new door handles and cabinet knobs can bring to the overall style of a home.
Now who doesn’t love a soft, shaggy rug?! Your floors could use some lovin' too, after all you walk all over them. Don’t mind our silly puns, but seriously, why not unify a room and all its possessions with a beautiful, unique, area rug? Add warmth to any room with just a single quick fix!
We love the art of decorating and the possibilities are limitless!

Happy decorating!