Farmhouse style is all the rave!

So, you want a farmhouse style kitchen, eh? We get it, they are timeless and quite eye-catching! Before you get started, we want to give you a few basic tips on how to add some extra charm to your new and improved kitchenette.
Hopefully the first thing that comes to your mind is WOOD! (Boy, do we know about wood!) Distressed is best because it gives that aged and weathered look. Whether you’re looking to add wooden furniture or display signs, both will bring a rustic touch to your decor.

Give us all the open concepts!! Having open shelving allows you to display collector’s items, antique pieces, and family treasures. Also large, open concept areas help to construct a more family oriented, and relaxed space. 
Neutralize that color palette! White, gray, beige, navy, and sage, are great country paint colors to create a more comfortable, calming, and inviting atmosphere.

Of course there are so many textures and pops of color that can amplify your picturesque farmhouse room. The idea is to keep it simple, cozy and stylish!